Kiln Firing Service

We are a home studio who can help fire single or small-batch pottery works for artists without a kiln. We’re located in Bernal Heights, San Francisco. Contact us by using the form below. We will reply asap to see how we can support your needs.

TypeDimensionBisque fire ^04
(per in3)
Glaze fire ^5-6
(per in3)
Single itemper cubic inch$0.018$0.023
Full load
6.7 cubic ft
22″ wide x 27″ high

We charge by volume calculated as length x width x height in inches. An extra 2″ is added to the actual height of the item. Minimum of $0.75 per piece.

Example: 5″ wide x 3″ tall bowl
Volume = 5 x 5 x (3+2) = 125 in
Bisque firing cost = 125 * 0.018 = $2.25
Glaze firing cost = 125 * 0.023 = $2.88

House rules:

  • Turn-around time is 7 – 10 days.
  • You will receive a happy text when your fired pieces are ready for collection. They must be collected within 3 days.

Please note the following to ensure smooth firings:

  • Make sure your greenware is bone-dry. Let it dry out for a day or two
  • Know what your clay and glaze are. We do not fire mystery clay or glaze of unknown maturing temperature.
  • No flammable materials in clay (e.g. paper clay or metal)
  • No hollow forms without air holes.
  • Make sure the base is not glazed.

We do our best to ensure the best results, but sometimes they don’t turn out to your expectation. We feel your dismay but will not be responsible for the fired results or damage of any kind. The studio reserves the right to refuse any work.

Send us an enquiry here:

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