We have a new website!

Presentation is key! As we continue to make everyday objects, like a cup, bowl or plate on the pottery wheel, on the back of our minds is a super-duper cool website that not only showcases our creations,  but also the fun and playful side of us. Welcome to Pompipi!


‚ÄėPompipi‚Äô was started by two Singaporeans to find fun and playful uses of clay. Based in San Francisco, the pair sees everyday objects, like a cup or a bowl, to be as important as the things placed in them.

An adjective from the colloquial Singaporean English (or ‚ÄúSinglish‚ÄĚ), ‚ÄėPompipi‚Äô loosely translates to ‚Äúbeing OK, come what may‚ÄĚ. It also borrows a cheerleading spirit cheering you everyday.

We are open to commission requests like a special cup or dinnerware sets! If you see a glaze or shape you like, please message hello [at] pompipi.studio with what you have in mind and we will create them for you!

Our work is meant to make you happy.