Kiln Firing Service

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Bisque firing (^04) on August 9-11

We are a home studio that fires small-batch pottery works for ceramic artists without a kiln. We’re located in northeast Bernal Heights, San Francisco. Contact us by using the form below. We will reply asap to see how we can support your needs.

TypeDimensionBisque fire ^04Glaze fire ^5-6
Half shelfSemicircle (20″ diameter and 10″ radius)
Allows pieces up to 8″ tall
Full shelf20″ diameter
Allows pieces up to 8″ tall
Full load20″ wide x 26″ tall$150$180


  • We usually do 1 firing during the first week of each month.
  • Bisque/Glaze firing alternates monthly.
  • Drop off your greenware or glazed pieces on the listed dates.
  • You will receive a happy text when your fired pieces are ready for collection.
  • Submit the form below for studio address and to book a slot.

Please note the following rules to ensure smooth firings:

  • Make sure your greenware is bone-dry. Let it dry out for a day or two.
  • Avoid thick walls (more than 1 inch). Thick walls will crack or shatter during firing.
  • Know what your clay and glaze are. We do not fire mystery clay or glaze of unknown maturing temperature.
  • No flammable materials in clay (e.g. paper clay or metal).
  • No hollow forms without air holes.
  • Make sure the base is not glazed.
  • No wax allowed.


Q: What kind of glaze should I use?

It’s very important to make sure your glaze can fit your clay body. If your clay is mid-fire (cone 5-6), your glaze should be the same. We recommend testing the glaze on smaller pieces to see how they behave.

Q: Do I have to bisque or glaze ceramics before I can use them?

Yes. Clay is much stronger after a bisque firing. After bisque, they still absorb water but can already be used as plant pots. For them to be food-safe or waterproof, you should glaze with a food safe glaze and fire them again.

Q: Is cone 6 the same as cone 06?

No. Cone 6 is a much higher temperature than 06. Be aware and note the zero!

Q: How big is a full shelf?

A full circular shelf is 20″ in diameter. My kiln usually holds 3 shelves or more depending on the height of the pieces.

Q: Do you fire clay kits like ‘Crockd’ or ‘Sculpd’?

Yes, we do! These are mid-fire clays, so we would first do a bisque fire. After that, you can collect them back to glaze, and send them in for a glaze fire. You can buy your own glaze online, or use our studio glaze.

We do our best to ensure the best results, but sometimes they don’t turn out to your expectation. We feel your dismay but will not be responsible for the fired results or damage of any kind. The studio reserves the right to refuse any work.

Send us an enquiry here:

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    We are two artists from Singapore who find fun and playful uses of clay. Currently living in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights, we see everyday objects, like a cup or a bowl, to be as essential as the things placed in them. They should also make you happy!

    An adjective from the colloquial Singaporean English (or “Singlish”), ‘Pompipi’ loosely translates to “being OK, come what may”. It also borrows a cheerleading spirit cheering you everyday. 

    We are open to commission requests like a gift cup or dinnerware sets! If you see a glaze or shape you like, please message hello [at] pompipi [dot] studio with what you have in mind and we will create them for you!